7 Best Awnings for Your Sprinter Van Conversion

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Even the most cleverly designed Sprinter van conversion can still fall short on space, which is why a van awning is such a game-changer. A well-selected awning expands your living area, providing crucial shade for your van on hot days and shelter from the rain on wet days. 

Van awnings can be attached to your roof, the side of your van, or stored in the back for pop-up use on extended camping trips. It’s like a portable patio to double your hangout space. No matter what type of van you drive or how handy you are, here are 7 Sprinter van awnings for any budget and installation method. 

Quick Pick: Fiamma F80S is the Best Top-Rated, Compact, Innovative Sprinter Van Awning

If you are a full-timer who plans to spend a lot of time on Baja beaches or Alaskan summers, this awning has all the bells and whistles with premium durability. It’s UV-resistant, waterproof, and incredibly resilient in the wind. Fiamma is the most trusted manufacturer on the market, offering a range of customization options for almost any van style. Plus, the setup takes less than five minutes with a single person.

Awnings provide protection from the elements

Are Van Awnings Worth It?

An awning makes van life significantly more comfortable on scorching summer days or rainy afternoons. If you stay at summer camp sites for multiple days at a time, an awning is the perfect way to shade and shelter your van, especially if you don’t have an air conditioner. But if you mostly camp off the road for short periods, you may not need one.

After living full-time on the road for 5 years, I’ve found that van lifers with awnings tend to be the most comfortable in bad weather. They can cook, exercise, and work remotely outside with more protection from the elements.

7 Best Sprinter Van Awnings

Whether you’re ready to drop a thousand bucks on a top-of-the-line awning, or you want a budget-friendly portable van patio for under $400, we’ve done the research for you. Here are the 7 best Sprinter van awnings on the market, including their honest drawbacks and real feedback from full-time van lifers.

Top Pick: Fiamma F80S Roof Mount Awning

  • Weight: 55-71 lbs
  • Coverage: 8 ft x 9 ft
  • Mounting: Roof-mounted
  • Operation: Manual or motorized

Revered for its unrivaled engineering and pristine craftsmanship, this Sprinter van awning is the best on the market. This roof-mounted awning is low-profile and aesthetic, with a slim aerodynamic design that blends in with the exterior of your van. 

It is available in a white, titanium, or black casing with aluminum end caps and a silent opening system. The gray fabric is durable and weather-resilient, held up by two telescopic locking legs that can be fixed to the ground or the wall of your van.

Best of all, the Fiamma F80S can be ordered with a hand crank or a motor for streamlined auto-opening. Just hit a button, set up the legs, and the awning rolls on its own. You can even find add-ons like privacy walls and bug screens! This is the best option for serious overlanders and full-timers who use an awning on a regular basis. I honestly envy all the vans I’ve met with this awning, which is why I often pull my van up close to theirs to share the shady benefits. 


  • Quality, respectable manufacturer
  • Spring-loaded arms can withstand moderately high winds
  • Extra strong and durable steel cables
  • UV-resistant and waterproof
  • Many customizable options, including a motor, LED lights, bracket, and rain guard kit
  • Multiple length options for different van wheelbases
  • Over 40 different installation bracket kits for specific vehicles and lengths


  • Most expensive
  • Not compatible with all roof racks (best for Sprinters with OEM rails)

Best Portable Budget Option: MoonShade Portable Awning

  • Weight: 8 pounds
  • Coverage: 9 ft by 7 ft
  • Mounting: Variety 
  • Operation: Manual

As the most affordable Sprinter van awning on the market, the MoonShade is the best budget option. It is crazy lightweight and folds down into an easily storable yoga mat size. It has a huge footprint and is easy to set up with suction cup anchors, stakes, a ripstop polyester cover, and line supports. If you have a high roof sprinter, MoonShade offers a “tall connect” system to support the awning from the ground using carabiners and paracord.

The main drawback is it can’t be permanently installed. This awning is best for campgrounds or wild camping because you set it up like a tent. If you are a weekend warrior or often stealth camp in cities, this is a great option because it doesn’t need to be affixed to the outside of your van and takes up very little space when not in use. 


  • Affordable, lightweight, and durable
  • Folds to the size of a yoga mat
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Simple setup with 1-2 people


  • You have to set it up every time you stop (no permanent attachment)
  • May not be as wind-resistant

Best Wall Mount: Fiamma 45S Wall Mounted Awning

  • Weight: 51 lbs
  • Coverage: 8 ft by 9 ft
  • Mounting: Wall-mounted
  • Operation: Manual

Fiamma makes the list again as the most respected manufacturer on the market! The van lifers I know with this awning will not stop raving about it! I watched a guy set this up by himself and have a beer cracked under the patio within a couple of minutes. 

This wall-mounted (flat mount) option is similar to the Fiamma 80S, except you can link it to your roof rack or flat mount it to the side of your Sprinter. Like all Fiamma products, it is super durable and well-constructed. I love the way they designed a flush mount so you don’t have any gaps where water seeps through (which can be a problem with cheaper awnings). 


  • Very easy to set up in less than one minute with a single person
  • Washable and UV-resistant
  • Extra strong arms and easy mount to the side of any van
  • Multiple length options for different van wheelbases


  • Expensive

Best for Roof Rack Compatibility: Thule OverCast Roof Rack Mounted Awning

  • Weight: 26 lb
  • Coverage: 8 ft by 6-8 ft
  • Mounting: Roof or roof-rack
  • Operation: Manual

If you have a lot of stuff on your Sprinter roof, this sleek, lightweight aluminum awning is compatible with nearly every rooftop accessory or roof rack, though it may require an adapter kit. This super popular option gives Fiamma a run for its money and is a little bit cheaper. 

The push-button manual-crank system is ridiculously easy to set up, requiring only one person and a couple of minutes. The tension arms are spring-loaded for maximum wind resistance. There is also a built-in drainage system so rainfall doesn’t pool up on top.

As a solo traveler, this is the awning I’d pick for my 144” off-grid Sprinter when I can fit it into my budget. It’s so simple to set up and blends in well with the van.


  • Easy to use with roof racks, rooftop tents, cargo box, and other van roof accessories
  • Push button operation for simple 1-person setup
  • Quick lock systems to adjust support legs
  • Easy tensioning system so the fabric doesn’t sag
  • Telescopic legs can be staked into the ground for stability
  • Great wind resistance 


  • May require adapters for some roof racks
  • Expensive

Most Versatile: DragonFly Tarps Haku Awning

  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Coverage: 18 ft x 10 ft
  • Mounting: Roof-mounted
  • Operation: Manual

This unique hexagon-shaped awning can be set up in several different variations so you can move it with the sun without moving your whole van. Every corner of the tarp awning has grommets to adjust the poles and help with the rain shed. You attach the tarp awning to your van with a lightweight rail and set it up in under 5 minutes. 

However, this portable awning is not permanently affixed and you’ll have to take it down each time you move, making it best for people who camp in one spot for several nights. The package includes a durable ripstop tarp, track, poles, straps, stakes, and bags. 


  • Highly adjustable and lightweight
  • Easy to adjust shape and pitch
  • Very stable in the wind 
  • Giant outdoor footprint for maximum shade


  • Lots of legs and parts
  • Not permanently affixed
  • Expensive for a portable option (you could DIY with your own tarp)

Best Large Footprint & Weather Durability: OVS Nomadic 180 Batwing

  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Coverage: 20 ft x 6.5 ft
  • Mounting: Roof rack
  • Operation: Manual

For those who want the biggest patio and weather protection possible, while being able to stick it through intense storms, this awning is your overlander solution! The heavy-duty mounting brackets, pivoting adjustable poles, shock cord, telescoping supports, and reinforced tie-down kit are more than enough to set up a camp in any season. I especially love the way you can change the footprint of the awning, allowing it to shade the back of your vehicle as well.

The downside is that it may take up some space on your roof and requires a roof rack to install.


  • Resilient to high winds and severe storms
  • Expanded coverage for sides and back of vehicle
  • Extremely durable tie downs for beach, forest, or desert
  • Moderately priced


  • Requires a roof rack (but compatible with most)
  • Takes a bit longer to set up (but still easy to do with 1 person)
  • Not designed specifically for vans

Super Budget Pick: ALL-TOP Vehicle Awning 

  • Weight:17 lbs
  • Coverage: 6 ft x 10 ft
  • Mounting: Roof rack
  • Operation: Manual

If you’re on a really tight budget, this retractable rooftop awning comes in a PVC bag that mounts to your roof rack. The ripstop fabric is UV-protected, water-resistant, and holds up fairly well for the money. 

The telescoping poles have a twist-lock design for quick and easy setup, and all hardware is included. However, some people complain about the installation with their hardware and recommend buying your own to modify it to fit your specific roof rack. 


  • Super affordable
  • Easily adaptable to different roof racks
  • Simple design with a PVC bag, double-stitched canopy, and telescope-locking legs
  • Side walls and front wall add-ons available


  • May need your own hardware
  • May not hold up to full-time van life
  • Roof rack required

Key Takeaways: Choose the Best Sprinter Van Awning Based on Use Frequency, Attachment, and Shade Coverage

A Sprinter van awning can be a pretty hefty investment, but it dramatically improves your comfort level. You will be so glad you have a waterproof patio during unexpected storms, and even more happy to enjoy some shady respite from scorching desert days.

But before you pick your Sprinter awning, consider:

  • Daily or Weekly Use: For full-timers who use an awning on a daily or weekly basis, the Fiamma motorized 80S is the undeniable winner for its quick and easy setup/takedown and low-profile installation.
  • Permanent Attachment: If you don’t want an awning to take up extra space inside the van, you’ll want a permanently attached option like the Fiamma or Thule. However, the MoonShade folds up so dang small that it’s a worthwhile consideration for anyone who wants to remain stealthy in the cities (ie. no awning casing attached to your van exterior).
  • Infrequent Use: If you only plan to set up camp a couple of times per month, you may not need a permanently mounted option. Try the MoonShade or ALL-TOP
  • Resistance to the Elements: Consider the thickness, waterproofing, and UV resistance of the shade. If you may endure intense storms, the Fiamma or OVS Batwing are the obvious picks.
  • Shade Coverage: If you van camp extensively in the desert or on beaches, you’ll probably want an adjustable wide-coverage option to keep your van as shaded as possible. The OVS Batwing and Dragon Fly Tarp are the largest footprints with the most versatility. 

Stay dry and shady, and I’ll see you out on the road! 

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Logan Hailey is a writer, natural wellness educator, and full-time van lifer. A nomad at heart, she has lived on the road for 5 years and counting, first in a DIY skoolie and now in her self-converted Sprinter van. She is passionate about living in harmony with nature and creating off-grid van vessels to enjoy the beauty of wild places. Keep up with her adventures on Instagram (@naturallylogan), TikTok, and YouTube.

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