5 Best Camper Van Cushions (No-Sew and Custom Order)

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If you don’t know how to sew but you need quick custom camper van cushions, you have more options than you think! Whether you’ve built bench seats, a convertible bed, or any other seating configuration that requires cushions with covers, aesthetic cushions are a crucial finishing touch for comfort and style on the road. 

We’ll cut to the chase, FoamOrder Custom Cushions is by far our top pick for professional-quality cushions and covers that perfectly match your van seat shapes. Let’s dig into their products and other options for any budget, talent, or aesthetic.

Camper Van Cushions

No van conversion is the same, which is why custom camper van cushions can seem so daunting. Fortunately, you don’t need to be a seamstress or spend a fortune to enjoy professional quality cushions.

As you explore your van cushion options, be sure to consider:

  • Comfort: The thickness and density of a cushion can make or break your seating and sleeping experience in the van. Generally, at least 2” of dense foam is needed for comfortable lounging.
  • Washability: Can you remove the covers and launder them as needed, or are you OK with using upholstery cleaner directly on the cushions?
  • Fabric: Consider how the fabric texture and colors will fit your van aesthetic. If you have pets, opt for outdoor patio fabrics or synthetic materials that don’t hold as much pet hair.
  • Size: Most of us build the van before we consider the cushions, which means we’ll need custom-sized upholstery to fit the awkward spaces. If you consider your cushions in advance, your life will be easier because you can size your bench or seat to match a standard commercially available cushion.

Top Pick: FoamOrder Custom Cushions

If you want your cushions professionally made and shipped to you so you can hit the road right away, this premier foam company offers custom cushions and covers for any camper van or Sprinter conversion. Whether you need a bed, window seat, dinette, couch, booth, or any other shape and configuration, they do it all!

Simply select your cushion shape, measure your space, select the foam (including natural latex and memory foam at 2-4” thick), choose a fabric, and they’ll ship them to you from California within 2 weeks!


  • Ready to hit the road!
  • Professionally-made aesthetic
  • Moderately priced
  • High-quality foam and fabric
  • Washable, removable covers
  • Lots of customization options


  • More expensive than DIY
  • Longer lead time (depending on availability)
  • Precision measurements required for the correct fit

DIY Option: Upholstery Foam, Fabric + No Sew or Local Seamstress

For the cheapest DIY option, order upholstery foam padding to the size of your seats or buy a mattress and cut it yourself with an electrical serrated knife

If you’re more fancy like me, you may opt for a special memory foam or organic latex mattress and cut it to the size of your bench seats or bed. With an electrical fish filet knife and some patience, I cut my full-size latex mattress to fit perfectly in my 144” Sprinter with minimal mess. Before cutting, remove the outer layer of the mattress and double-check that it is 100% pure foam, as any box springs or other materials will ruin the process.

After the booth or bed foam is cut to shape, you’ll need to devise a plan for the cover. In my first conversion, I hired a local seamstress to sew custom seat covers with zippers so I could remove them for washing. In my second conversion, I asked my lovely grandma to sew custom sheets and covers.

If neither of these options is available, you can try a no-sew technique with a duvet cover, a piece of plywood, upholstery buttons, an upholstery needle, waxed thread, and a staple gun. This video shows someone reupholstering RV cushions, but the same process works with pre-cut foam:

You can also try iron-on fabric adhesive to attach the cushion fabrics to the foam, but you won’t be able to remove them for washing.


  • Quick and easy
  • Extremely customizable to your needs
  • Specialty foam options


  • Requires cutting and crafty work
  • Cutting your own foam can be messy and leave serrated edges
  • Cushion covers aren’t zipper-removable for washing

Most Customizable: Etsy Sewers

Etsy sewers offer a range of custom cushions and covers for nearly any van application. The key to success is being excruciatingly detailed about what you want. Draw diagrams, triple-check your measurements, and explain exactly how you want the zippers, pockets, and design to look. Go to your local fabric store to feel the fabrics and make sure your online request matches the real-life texture, durability, and water resistance.


  • Highly customizable
  • Infinite choices of fabric and foam
  • Removable and washable


  • Limited to local people
  • Quality depends on the talent of the seamstress
  • Etsy orders can take a long time to fulfill

Patio Furniture Hack: Montalk FadeSafe Outdoor Bench Cushion

Patio furniture has long been used in the van community for its durability, water resistance, and easy-to-remove covers. If you are able to design your bench seat to match the commercially available patio furniture sizes, this option is as easy as ordering and tossing the cushion in place. These bench cushions from Montalk are remarkably affordable, long-lasting, and available in several sizes.


  • Durable, ready-made cushions
  • Very budget friendly
  • Weatherproof and water-resistant
  • Removable, washable covers


  • Van seats must match commercially available sizing
  • Little customization

Budget Pick: RULEAR Bench Cushions

If you have a standard dinette bench, these cushions could be the perfect throw-and-go option. The foam is high quality and the linen covers are removable, but the color options are limited. They are well-made for the price, but unlikely to withstand full-time van life


  • Cheapest option
  • Thick foam and linen fabric
  • Zippered for easy washing


  • Little to no customization (they do offer a custom size, but it may not match your van)
  • No bench back cushions

Key Takeaways: Camper Van Cushions

Most of us aren’t seamstresses, so custom van cushions are often outsourced. The best company for the job is FoamOrder Custom Cushions, but you can also collaborate with a local sewer (or your grandma, if you’re lucky) to create cushion covers for your own custom-cut foam. Be sure to order dense upholstery foam at least 2-4” thick and opt for covers with a zipper so you can easily remove and wash them.

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